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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Main manipulative technologies and peculiarities of their use (on the example of the military political discourse)Наумкіна, Світлана Михайлівна; Naumkyna, Svitlana Mykhailivna
2023Major challenges for U.S. nuclear policy – The alliance of the threatening powersSkrypnyk, Maksym Viktorovych
2016Making future physics school-teachers more profound in subject competence by the help of special personally knowledgeable methods of training during mastering the course of general physicsЧепок, Олег Леонідович; Chepok, Oleh Leonidovych
2023Management of sociocultural activities: the problem of personality transformationКіссе, Антон Іванович; Kisse, Anton Ivanovych
2015Management of sociocultural activity: a new type of involvementБорінштейн, Євген Руславович; Borinshteyn, Yevgen Ruslavovych
2020Manifestation of the utopism of millennialist teaching in the history of the countries OF Western Europe of the middle agesОкорокова, Віра Вікторівна; Okorokova, Vira Viktorivna
2017Manipulative Influence Application in Work by Research-Pedagogical StaffSkok, Alla; Скок, Алла Георгіївна; Shlimakova, Irina; Шлімакова, Ірина Іванівна
2022Maria Kulikovska and her collection of sculptures «My skin is my business»Ненку, Н. В.
2017Marital Role Expectations Based on Triangle by Steve KarpmanBevz, Halyna; Бевз, Галина Михайлівна
2020Master’s competence-based portfolio content as a means of academic writing assessmentBabenko, Tamara
2023Materials for English learning for the students of medical specialtiesРусалкіна, Людмила Георгіївна; Rusalkina, Lyudmyla Georgіivna; Grigoryev, Evgeny; Григор'єв, Євген
2024Mathematical modeling of the body of the device for disassembling connections of tensionRudyk, O. Yu.; Zelenska, L. I.; Seredyuk, M. I.
2022Meanings ‘bowl’ and ‘skull’ in the mirror of comparative semantics: the problem of historical pragmatics and archaizing translationІліаді, Олександр Іванович; Iliadi, Alexander
2014Means of forming a professional-pedagogical culture of primary school teacherПальшкова, Ірина Олександрівна; Palshkova, Iryna Oleksandrivna
2017Measurement of giftedness: annoying failures and great discoveriesVoloshchuk, I. S.; Rudyk, Ya. M.; Soloviova, O. V.; Волощук, І. С.; Рудик, М. Я.; Соловйова, О. В.
2018Mechanism of ensuring quality of higher educational institutions’ workBaimuratov, Mykhailo; Myshchak, Ivan; Krynytska, Oksana
2016Media competence formation of students of specialty “Publishing and editing” in UkraineHorun, Yuliia
2015Media competence in future teachers’ training at modern universitiesImeridze, Maksym
2014Media culture in information societySheina, O. O.
2020Media educational competence of a contemporary school`s teacher in UkraineГаліцан, Ольга Анатоліївна; Halitsan, Olha Anatoliivna; Підгірний, Олег Валерійович; Pidhirnyi, Oleh Valeriiovych; Щекотиліна, Наталя Федорівна; Shchekotylina, Natalia Fedorivna