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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Theoretical - Methodological Features of Training Ceramic Sculpture of Small FormsРудой, Вадим Володимирович; Rudoy, Vadim Vladimirovich; Рудой, Вадим Владимирович
2015Theoretical and methodical approaches to understanding psychological categories of “deception” in interpersonal relations and their antipodesChebykin, Oleksij Yakovych; Чебикін, Олексій Якович; Kosyanova, Olena Yuriivna; Косьянова, Олена Юріївна; Чебыкин, Алексей Яковлевич; Косьянова, Елена Юрьевна
2014Theoretical and methodological aspects of future primary school teachers’ training for the formation of younger students’ culture of thinkingНоздрова, Оксана Павлівна; Ноздрова, Оксана Павловна; Nozdrova, Oksana Pavlivna
2021Theoretical and methodological aspects of separatism as a political phenomenonKhevtsuriani, Amiran; Kharchilava, Lili
2015Theoretical and methodological basis of training future teachers of physical education for sports and developmental activityДжуринський, Петро Борисович; Dzhurynskii, Petro Borysovych; Джуринский, Петр Борисович; Саламатов, Павло Васильович; Саламатов, Павел Васильевич; Salamatov, Pavlo Vasyliovych; Богатов, Андрій Олексійович; Богатов, Андрей Алексеевич; Bohatov, Andrii Oleksiyovych; Бурдюжа, Софія Володимирівна; Бурдюжа, София Владимировна; Burdyuzha, Sofia Volodymyrivna
2017Theoretical bases of patriotic education of preschool children in psychologicaland pedagogical literatureHryshchenko, S. V.; Грищенко, С. В.
2017Theoretical bases of patriotic education of preschool children in psychologicaland pedagogical literatureInshakov, A.; Іншаков, A. Е.
2017Theoretical basis of media educationSheina, O. O.
2017Theoretical foundations of the personality-focused approach to teaching childrenБартенева, Ирина Александровна; Бартєнєва, Ірина Олександрівна; Bartienieva, Iryna Oleksandrivna
2016Theoretical problems of the linguistic category of quantitivness within the functional-semantic approachTinkovan, Olena
2017Theoretical, Methodological and Practical Bases for Creating Job Description of Crisis Assessment Experts in Terms of State Security of UkraineBielai, Serhii; Бєлай, Сергій Вікторович; Medvid, Mykhaylo; Медвідь, Михайло Михайлович; Parkhomenko, Oleksandr; Пархоменко, Олександр Олександрович
2019Theoretical-methodological foundations of the use of song “Schlager” in vocal training of future musical art teachersНіколаї, Галина Юріївна; Николаи, Галина Юрьевна; Nikolai, Halyna Yu
2015Theory and practice of political marketing in UkraineМузиченко, Ганна В’ячеславівна; Музыченко, Анна Вячеславовна; Muzychenko, Hanna Vyacheslavivna
2015Threats to democracy: theoretical analysisDziubenko, Yuliia; Дзюбенко, Юлія Михайлівна
2020Time budget allocation by and stress and job satisfaction among eye care workersСавенкова, Ірина Іванівна; Савенкова, Ирина Ивановна; Savenkova, Irina Ivanіvna; Liseienko, O. V.; Semeniuk, N. S.; Suslova, V. O.; Pereviazko, L. P.
2019Time Factor in Psychological profiling of information Technology specialists for Future Career successСавенкова, Ірина Іванівна; Савенкова, Ирина Ивановна; Savenkova, Irina Ivanіvna; Didukh, Mykola; Lytvinenko, Iryna; Chuhueva, Inna
2015To the issue of culturological approach to professional speech training targeted for the future translators of ChineseПопова, Олександра Володимирівна; Popova, Oleksandra Volodymyrivna; Попова, Александра Владимировна
2015To the issue of grammatical errors made by Ukrainian elementary and intermeddiate learners of Chinese and teaching strategiesLiu Jie
2016To the issue of pedagogy of the conceptЛиненко, Алла Францівна; Линенко, Алла Францевна; Lynenko, Alla Frantsevna
2015To the issue of the chinese charcter writing errors at the elementary stage and corresponding teaching strategiesFang Lin