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Title: The Issue Of Translating Infomercials
Authors: Дерік, Ілона Морисівна
Дерик, Илона Морисивна
Derik, Ilona Morisivna
Keywords: translating
Translating Infomercials
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Харбінський інженерний університет
Citation: Derik I. On The Issue Of Translating Infomercials / Ilona Derik // Актуальні проблеми філології і професійної підготовки фахівців у полікультурному просторі : Міжнародний журнал. – Харбін : Харбінський інженерний університет, 2018. ‒ С. 24-25.
Abstract: Infomercials are viewed as a hybrid of commercials and news programs. The relevance of the research focused upon the study of infomercial discourse in translation aspect can't be underestimated. Nowadays infomercials distributed both by TV companies and Internet network represent the most powerful and trustworthy source of information, being at the same time a very accurate mechanism of political manipulation. The tasks of the resumed research were formulated as a detailed review of the infomercial discourse in general linguistic as well as translation aspect. The above mentioned tasks presupposed the implementation of such research techniques as deductive and inductive methods, as well as contrastive and computational statistic methods.
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