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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201220 років кафедрі: історичний зрізКавалеров, А. І.
20222022 р.: перспективи партнерства Україна – Європейський Союз крізь призму методу оцінки можливостей та оцінки намірівКостюк, Тетяна Олександрівна
20224th Workshop for Young Scientists in Computer Science & Software EngineeringKiv, Arnold; Ків, Арнольд; Semerikov, Serhiy; Soloviev, Vladimir; Striuk, Andrii
2017500 гривень: УНР та Незалежна УкраїнаГиря, А. С.
20219th Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education: ReportKiv, Arnold; Semerikov, Serhiy; Shyshkina, Maria; Striuk, Andrii; Striuk, Mykola; Yechkalo, Yuliia; Mintii, Iryna; Nechypurenko, Pavlo; Kalinichenko, Olga; Kolgatina, Larisa; Vlasenko, Kateryna; Amelina, Svitlana; Semenikhina, Olena; Ків, Арнольд
2021A brief analysis of phonetic mistakes made by russion speakers while learning Chinese and their countermeasuresZou Xinge
2020A brief analysis of the differences in thinking mode between the east and the west represented by Chinese and English languagesShen Kaiwen
2021A brief analysis of the reasons for the vigorous development of teaching chinese as a foreign language in ThailandZou Xinge
2017A brief analysis of time‒prepositions in the russian languageZhou Jiajia
2023A brief discussion on motivation of chinese language learning for students majoring in translation studies at confucius institute of south ukrainian national pedagogical university named after K. D. UshynskyDuan Junyu
2020A brief discussion on the cross-cultural teaching of national custom-related words (on the material of the text-book “Developing Chinese”)Lao Yanwen
2022A brief discussion on vocabulary teaching within a comprehensive course of chinese as a foreign languageHe Miao
2017A brief introduction to the use of media language in teaching сhinese as a foreign languageYang Zhao
2019A competency-based approach as a strategy for updating modern training of future natural sciences bachelorsGramatyk, Nadiia
2019A Conceptual Approach to Student Study Printing: The Role and Place of Creative CompositionОрос, Іван Васильович; Oros, Ivan Vasyliovych; Орос, Иван Васильевич
2022A contrastive study of chinese "ba" sentences and their english counterpartssLiu Shuo
2019A heuristic method for transmission designИванова, Светлана Владимировна; Іванова, Світлана Володимирівна; Ivanova, Svitlana Volodymyrivna; Іванов, Віктор Володимирович; Dimitrov, Lubomir; Naleva, Galyna
2017A military clerk as a layer of the Cossack eliteCherednyk, L. A.
2017A modern state and level of the intellectual development of students of primary education facultyТамбовська, Крістіна Вікторівна; Тамбовская, Кристина Викторовна; Tambovska, Kristina
2022A new educational environment formation in the conditions of digitalization of societyІрхіна, Юліана Валентинівна; Ирхина, Юлиана Валентиновна; Irkhina, Juliana Valentynivna; Alieksieieva, Hanna; Makarenko, Tamara; Balla, Liudmyla