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Title: Modern vectors of education in the framework of the academic cooperation between China and Ukraine
Authors: Попова, Олександра Володимирівна
Popova, Oleksandra Volodymyrivna
Попова, Александра Владимировна
Keywords: Modern vectors
academic cooperation
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Харбінський інженерний університет
Citation: Popova O. Modern vectors of education in the framework of the academic cooperation between China and Ukraine / Oleksandra Popova // Актуальні проблеми філології і професійної підготовки фахівців у полікультурному просторі : Міжнародний журнал. – Харбін : Харбінський інженерний університет, 2018. ‒ С. 124-126.
Abstract: Confucius Institute at South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky (CI at SUNPU) was founded in 2012. A period of five years has gone since then. The total number of the registered students accounts to 2200. Today our Confucius Institute enjoys wide popularity in the sphere of education and influences the local society in a favourable way. The Administration board of Ushynsky University supports diverse spheres of its activity. Thus, due to the gained experience, we intend to initiate certain measures which could facilitate further academic cooperation between China and Ukraine. Let us specify them: 1) language advanced integrated training of the future translators and teachers of the Chinese language and Literature on the territory of China and Ukraine; 2) creation of the Ukrainian education and culture centres in China on the platform of Confucius Institute; 3) implementation of the Chinese language into the system of secondary school extra-class activities; 4) advanced language training for Ukrainian postgraduates and teachers specialized in Sinology in Chinese universities and vice versa.
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