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Title: Modularity principle in the formation of the integrated course "Chinese Area Studies"
Authors: Стрига, Елеонора Вячеславівна
Стрига, Элеонора Вячеславовна
Stryga, Eleonora Vyacheslavivna
Keywords: modularity principle
Chinese Area Studies
an integrated course
asynchronous organization of educational process
student’s self-study
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Аріельський Університет за підтримки Південноукраїнського національного педагогічного університету імені К. Д. Ушинського
Citation: Stryga E. Modularity principle in the formation of the integrated course "Chinese Area Studies" / Eleonora Stryga // Мodern tendencies in the pedagogical science of Ukraine and Israel: the way to integration. – Ariel, Israel. – 2016. – Issue №7. – рр. 371-376.
Abstract: The article deals with the essence of the principle of modularity in the formation of the integrated course "Chinese Area Studies". This includes asynchronous organization of educational process. The role of modular training as a block distribution of educational information is defined and it requires deep self-working and analysis. The bulk of knowledge and skills is analyzed in the article which are generated in the process of studying this course and facilitate the organization of the transition from the reproductive gain knowledge to self-development of students.
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