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Title: Museology and monument protection in the discourse of French national identity
Authors: Присяжнюк, Олексій Миколайович
Присяжнюк, Алексей Николаевич
Prisajnyk, Оleкsiy Мykolayovych
Keywords: museology
French national identity
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Liha-Pres
Citation: Prysiazhniuk O. Museology and Monument Protection in the Discourse of French National Identity // The role of history and archaeology in the aspects of the development of the modern world : collective monograph / Yu. Dobrolyubska, O. Likhachova, S. Oriekhova, O. Prysiazhniuk. – Lviv-Toruń : Liha-Pres, 2019. – Р. 68-90.
Abstract: Interest in collecting in France arises in parallel with similar processes in other European countries and quickly, by the beginning of the 16th century, is becoming a noticeable phenomenon in the life of French society. Collecting collections turns into a phenomenon that covers literally all segments of the population. The idea of museums in France was formed throughout the eighteenth century, and the French Revolution was the impetus for the creation in France of the foundations of the legislative protection of monuments. The French revolutionary government by decree of the National Constituent Assembly of 1790 prohibited the destruction of immovable and movable monuments.
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