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Title: Modern philosophy of history in the light of a systematic approach
Authors: Добролюбська, Юлія Андріївна
Dobrolyubska, Yulia Andriivna
Добролюбская, Юлия Андреевна
Keywords: modern
systematic approach
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Liha-Pres
Citation: Dobrolyubska Y. A. Modern philosophy of history in the light of a systematic approach / Y. A. Dobrolyubska // Comprehension of the formation of the world in different philosophical approaches: collective monograph / Z. M. Atamaniuk, Ye. R. Borinshtein, Yu. А. Dobrolyubska, V. V. Okorokova, etc. – Lviv-Toruń : Liha-Pres, 2019. – P. 48-77.
Abstract: The system of history philosophy is open and variant, capable of incorporating new knowledge at the substrate, structure or concept level. Some “not entirely certainty” is retained in meaningful terms for the structure, substrate and concept of this system. It gradually decreases as new system components are filled with new information. During this process, the system of philosophy of history acquires meaningful accuracy and completeness. The formation of subsystems of different types of philosophy of history not only provides meaningful accuracy and completeness to the system of philosophy of history, but also illustrates the intersectional processes of differentiation and integration of philosophical knowledge. It is substantiated that the philosophy of history is an independent philosophical discipline, which obeys the philosophy of understanding of the world, characteristic of philosophy. Abstractions of the philosophy of history are of different levels of generalization: the higher the level of philosophical reflection on which the researcher goes, the more abstract the historical reality becomes. However, abstractions of the philosophy of history come in different forms of expression: to seek the idea of history, while observing the absolute rigor of explanatory theory can be in any segment of objective or subjective reality, in the field of mythological or esoteric knowledge. The object of the philosophy of history is the totality of historical facts and patterns. The subject of the philosophy of history is knowledge of the general, primordial origins and causes of world or any local history; knowledge of the meaning, fundamental periodization and procedural form of history; knowledge of the methodology of knowledge of history. The content of the subject of the philosophy of history are mutually determined processes of philosophical search, which naturally change from the general philosophical and historical concepts and grounds, which allow us to reflect on history in specific terms of stages and phases of historical development, to the formation and study of specific language of history.
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