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Title: Implementation of Vocational Education Standards in the Context of Postmodern Trends
Authors: Zaporozhchenko, Tetiana
Matviienko, Olena
Chepelevska, Mariia
Nedosiekova, Nataliia
Артемьєва, Інна Сергіївна
Артемьева, Инна Сергеевна
Artemieva, Inna Serhiivna
Петухова, Тетяна Анатоліївна
Петухова, Татьяна Анатольевна
Petukhova, Tetіana Anatoliivna
Keywords: information society
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Postmodern Openings
Citation: Zaporozhchenko, T., Matviienko, O., Chepelevska, M., Nedosiekova, N., Artemieva, I., & Petukhova, T. (2022). Implementation of Vocational Education Standards in the Context of Postmodern Trends. Postmodern Openings, 13 (1 Sup1), 266-275.
Abstract: Our research involves the study of vocational education in the context of postmodern trends in society. We analyzed how postmodern manifestations of the 21st century have affected vocational education standards. The main theoretical and methodological approaches to the formation of postmodernism and the process of formation of standards of vocational education were studied. Based on the results of the research, the main approach to the basics and basic trends in the formation of standards of vocational education was established. Education as a process is relevant throughout historical development, because everyone understands his importance in society, realizes his responsibility to him since the early days of man needs new knowledge to continue living. The formation of the process of professional education itself begins several centuries ago, which confirms the maturation of man in social development. The period of postmodernism in the educational process is marked by globalization and the integration of society. This trend requires continuous professional growth. The worker in the conditions of postmodernism must be able to quickly change their skills, adapt to new challenges that may constantly evolve due to the rapid development of information technology. In the course of our research the integration method of synthesis of figurative structure, and the analysis, the characteristic of pedagogical activity at the formation of professional education is used. There are methods of synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of postmodernism in educational development. The results of the research confirm the postmodern trends in the formation of vocational education.
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