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Title: Adaptive changes of the hemodynamics parameters in athletes training to develop stability
Authors: Козій, Т.
Козий Т.
Koziy, T.
Topchii, Mariia Sergiivna
Топчій, Марія Сергіївна
Топчий, Мария Сергеевна
Keywords: adaptive changes
parameters of hemodynamics
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Тбилисский государственный медицинский университет
Citation: Topchii M. C. Adaptive changes of the hemodynamics parameters in athletes training to develop stability / T. Kozii, M. C. Topchii // Georgian Medical News. - Тбилиси-Нью-Йорк, 2018. - № 11. - С. 76-81.
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to identify adaptive changes in the parameters of systemic hemodynamics of adolescent athletes which train to development of stability during one year. All ath- letes were divided into groups by age, sex, sports qualification and body type. For each group of athletes the indices of the adapta- tion potential were calculated and the level of cardiac efficiency by the Ruthier index and the type of hemodynamic response to aerobic load by Letunov test were determined. All the examined athletes had a satisfactory level of the adaptive potential of the circulatory system, but athletes from the hypersthenic type of constitution had large indicators of the adaptive potential, which indicated a tendency to strain adaptation mechanisms. Index indicators Ruthier corresponded to the average and satisfactory levels of efficiency of the heart of athletes. More senior and quali- fied athletes had a higher level of functional performance of the myocardium. In addition, all athletes have identified a normotonic type of hemodynamic response to aerobic exercise, as evidenced by a moderate increase in the heart rate and systolic blood pres- sure and an adequate decrease in diastolic pressure immediately after the performance of the functional test. Complete recovery of hemodynamics occurred during the first two minutes of the restitution period. The revealed adaptive changes in parameters of hemodynamics of the athletes in conditions of functional rest and under the influ- ence of dosed physical activity indicate a high level of functional capabilities of their organism.
ISSN: 1512-0112
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