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Title: Modern Vectors in Descriptive Translatology
Authors: Корольова, Тетяна Михайлівна
Korolova, Tetiana Mykhailivna
Keywords: descriptive translatology
translation functions
source texts
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Державний заклад «Південноукраїнський національний педагогічний університет імені К. Д. Ушинського»
Citation: Korolyova T. Modern Vectors in Descriptive Translatology / Tetyana Korolyova // Modern vectors of science and education development in China and Ukraine (中国与乌克兰科学及教育 前沿研究 ): International annual journal. – Odesa: South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky, Harbin : Harbin Engineering University, 2021. – Issue 7. – P. 24.
Abstract: The paper deals with some issues related to descriptive translatology. The author represents prominent theories in the field of theoretical translatology. It is proved that a descriptive study of the text provides for descriptions of certain translation versions of source texts, whereas their comparison provides a basis for comparing and analysing a number of translation versions of one and the same source text. A particular attention is paid to the research dealing with three vectors of translation process: the studies aimed at the product (result), the studies aimed at translation functions, the studies aimed at the process itself.
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