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Title: On the formation of future navigators’ competitiveness
Authors: Смірнов, Сергій Володимирович
Смирнов, Сергей Владимирович
Smirnov, Sergiy Volodymyrovych
Keywords: competitiveness
future navigators
conflict resistence
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Аріельський Університет за підтримки Південноукраїнського національного педагогічного університету імені К. Д. Ушинського
Citation: Smirnov S. V. On the formation of future navigators’ competitiveness / S. V. Smirnov // Мodern tendencies in the pedagogical science of Ukraine and Israel: the way to integration. – Ariel. – 2015. – Issue №6. – рр. 366-372.
Abstract: The issue of the formation of future navigators’ competitiveness, the relevance of its investigation, specificity of future skippers’ training, which is associated with the development of the international labor market, the content of component structure, pedagogical conditions are revealed in the paper.
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