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Title: Perfection of methodical preparation of students in the field of inclusive education
Authors: Ноздрова, Оксана Павлівна
Ноздрова, Оксана Павловна
Nozdrova, Oksana Pavlivna
Keywords: innovation
Romani children
inclusive education
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Аріельський Університет за підтримки Південноукраїнського національного педагогічного університету імені К. Д. Ушинського
Citation: Nozdrova O. P. Perfection of methodical preparation of students in the field of inclusive education / O. P. Nozdrova // Мodern tendencies in the pedagogical science of Ukraine and Israel: the way to integration. – Ariel. – 2015. – Issue №6. – рр. 246-253.
Abstract: The paper identifies the main innovations in the inclusive education, approaches to a new paradigm of education. Attention is paid to the development of the project “Education of Romani children”, its methodology, recognizing that all children are individuals with different learning needs. It is proved that inclusive education is trying to develop an approach to teaching that will be more flexible as to meeting different training needs. There have been tested software modules of work with Romani children, which confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method of work, based on the pedagogy of cooperation. The content of the problem, gaming techniques for the development of critical thinking, creativity, intelligence of children has been revealed. There has been presented the experience of the innovative educational institution – Nerubayske EC “grammar school”, which works on the basis of competence-orienting approach, a paradigm of dialogue between cultures and pedagogy of tolerance.
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