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Title: Modern higher educational trends in Ukraine
Authors: Стрига, Елеонора Вячеславівна
Стрига, Элеонора Вячеславовна
Stryga, Eleonora Vyacheslavivna
Keywords: educational trends
technological development
informatization tools
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Аріельський Університет за підтримки Південноукраїнського національного педагогічного університету імені К. Д. Ушинського
Citation: Stryga E. Modern higher educational trends in Ukraine / E. Stryga // Мodern tendencies in the pedagogical science of Ukraine and Israel: the way to integration. - 2017. - Ariel. Issue №8. - C. 243-248.
Abstract: The article deals with the analysis of the impact of modern higher educational trends. There have been singled out and described the four constituent characteristics of modern education: humanization, integration, innovation and technological development. The last one was proved to change the landscape of education by use smart-education and its derivatives ("Life Long Learning (LLL)", blended learning, flipped classroom), robotics, Facebook social services, Google services and tools, computer and mobile applications, sound files or video on the Internet, blogs, video hosting YouTube, cloud technology, STEAM-technology and others, which allow to develop effectively independent and critical thinking of students.
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