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Title: Specificity of art faculties students ‟comprehension of Ukrainian myphology in the content of the course “History of Ukrainian culture”
Authors: Batiuk, Zorina Stepanivna
Батюк, Зоріна Степанівна
Batiuk, Nataliya Orestivna
Батюк, Наталія Орестівна
Keywords: myth
Ukrainian tale
mythological language
associative imagery
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Аріельський Університет за підтримки Південноукраїнського національного педагогічного університету імені К. Д. Ушинського
Citation: Batiuk Z. Specificity of art faculties students ‟comprehension of Ukrainian myphology in the content of the course “History of Ukrainian culture” / Z. Batiuk, N. Batiuk // Мodern tendencies in the pedagogical science of Ukraine and Israel: the way to integration. - 2017. - Ariel. Issue №8. - C. 24-30.
Abstract: The paper actualizes the problem of art faculties students‘ comprehension of mythological artistic and figurative language of Ukrainian folklore works. Insufficient attention to this problem makes future specialists separated from the whole stratum of ideological values of Ukrainian culture. The schematic and specific way of thinking, which prevails today, is increasingly displacing the associative and figurative one, this weakens the creative potential of artistic disciplines specialists. Future art disciplines pedagogues‘ comprehension of Ukrainian mythology opens up the whole world of philosophical and ideological coordinates of the common culture of the Ukrainians, expands the horizons and activates the associative and figurative way of thinking. A more complete understanding of the reality phenomena encourages the use of creative approaches not only in working on folk art pieces, but also in various spheres of modern art.
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