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dc.contributor.authorДобролюбська, Юлія Андріївна-
dc.contributor.authorDobrolyubska, Yulia Andriivna-
dc.contributor.authorДобролюбская, Юлия Андреевна-
dc.identifier.citationDobrolyubska Y. Analytical overview of new approaches to the study of historical reality // Modern philosophy in the context of intercultural communication : collective monograph / Z. M. Atamaniuk, Ye. R. Borinshtein, N. P. Hapon, Yu. А. Dobrolyubska, etc. – Lviv-Toruń : Liha-Pres, 2019. – P.
dc.description.abstractWithin the post-neoclassical subsystem of the philosophy of history, new approaches to the study of historical reality have emerged. Attention should be paid to analyzing the possibilities of applying synergistic concepts in the philosophy of history, as well as to attempts to construct theories of local civilizations in the context of globalization. Much attention is paid to the ideas and methods of synergetics, which offers a new perspective on the nature of the integrity of historical reality and allows one to study historical structures and processes in alternative situations of transition from chaos to order. Also, the post-neoclassical philosophy of history offers a synthetic concept of local civilizations in the context of their global interaction, which takes into account both the tendency for globalization and the tendency for localization. In the context of this understanding of civilization, it is recognized that in the modern world, on the one hand, there is a process of globalization, and on the other – the importance of civilizational differences. Universal idioms and meanings are perceived and understood by people through the civilizing prism of their historical experience, which contrasts with the “semiotic imperialism” of global
dc.subjectglobal studiesuk
dc.subjectscientific rationalityuk
dc.subjectorder out of chaosuk
dc.titleAnalytical overview of new approaches to the study of historical realityuk
dc.typeBook chapteruk
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