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Title: The influence of computer activity on the emotional stability of students
Authors: Чебикін, Олексій Якович
Chebykin, Oleksij Yakovych
Чебыкин, Алексей Яковлевич
Keywords: emotional stability
computer activity
duration of computer activity
psychological content of activity
psychohygienic conditions
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Ariel University Center of Samaria
Citation: Chebykin O. Ya. The influence of computer activity on the emotional stability of students / O. Ya. Chebykin // Modern tendencies in the pedagogical science of Ukraine and Israel: the way to integration. – 2014. – Issue №5. – P. 62-74.
Abstract: The conceptual approaches to the problem of psychological influence of computer activity on a person are represented in the thesis. There have been analysed the aspects of implementation of information and computer technologies in educational activity and generalized psychohygienic requirements of such activity. The essence of the emotional stability phenomenon and personal determinants that cause it have been clarified. Characteristics of the influence of computer technologies on the emotional stability of adolescent individuals have been pointed out. This thesis is defined as an integrative emotional stability property, which is determined by a set of characteristics associated with dynamic, to personal characteristics of the emotional sphere. Empirically established that the influence of the computer on students is both positive and negative. Emotional stability of the least experienced the negative impact of the students’ computer activities, which are of 6 or more hours a day working at a computer in teaching and professional direction, compared with the students engaged infotainment activities on the computer. It is established that long-term (more than six hours a day) student activities at the computer affects the emotional stability: increased depression, aggression and self-regulation is reduced.
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